Love & Hip Hop Star Johnni Blaze Caught On Video … Appearing To Be Doing NARCOTICS!

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There’s a video circulating all across social media, which shows former Love & Hip Hop star Johnni Blaze crushing up a white powdery substance, which has led to rumors that she may have a substance abuse problem, Media Take Out has learned.

In the video, which has already been viewed millions of times, Johnni is seen acting erratically, as she crushes up white powder. She’s not seen ingesting the substance, however.

It’s not clear when this video was taken, and under what circumstances, but speculation on Twitter is rampant.

Here’s the video making its rounds:

Hours earlier, Johnni went on IG Live and got very drunk and danced around with her friends. Look:

Jhonni Blaze is an R&B singer(Rapper) and songwriter, and reality star. The singer was born & raised to in New York. Jonni rose to stardom as a stri**er and s** worker in Houston, Texas. Which later lead to a career as an urban model and video vixen, and a brief work in the p***ography industry. In 2014,

She first made headlines for filing a police report against the rapper Drake saying he threatened for her life.

Jhonni Blaze is a supporting actress member on season five of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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