Love After Lockup Star Moka Blast K*lls A Man On Facebook Live … Was It Self Defense? (Watch)

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Moka Blast, the manager of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup rapper Montana Millz, is currently under investigation – after police say that he sh*t and k*lled a man at his Las Vegas home on Wednesday. And Media Take Out confirms that the incident was captured on Facebook Live.

Montana Millz, real name Michael Persaud, tipped off fans of Love After Lockup that Moka (real name Lydell Birch) was facing some serious legal trouble when he shared a photo of himself and Moka in his Instagram stories and wrote: “Free Moka Blast #SelfDefense.”

“Free Moka Blast,” Michael wrote on that post. “I’m glad you ok my brother #selfdefense.”

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Jason Johansson, the sh**ting happened after a woman and a man were involved in an argument – that turned physical in front of Moka’s house.

Police say that the man took a bat out of a trunk and started smashing cars parked in the driveway. He then reportedly kicked in Moka’s door and was sh*t by a man that the police say was the woman’s boyfriend in the back yard. The victim was pronounced d*ad when the medical team arrived.

While police are not giving out the names of the sh**ter, fans of Love After Lockup believe that Moka was the trigger man, Media Take Out has learned.

Lt Johannsen explained, “Right now we’re still confirming all the information. We’re still on scene conducting our investigation, getting our video surveillance, and interviewing several witnesses in the area. 

“Those are the details that we know right now. I urge anyone with any information related to this investigation to please contact the LVPD Homicide Section or reach out through CrimeStoppers Nevada.”

Now for the tea. Media Take Out has confirmed that at the time of the shooting, Moka was doing an interview on Facebook Live. In the video, you can hear banging noises and immediately Moka reacts. Then, Moka jumps up abruptly and appears to draw a firearm as yells at another person.

In the video, you can make out the person’s head in the reflection from the mounted television that was behind Moka during the interview:

And here’s a screenshot of the alleged firearm.

Here’s a video clip from a live interview with Moka that ended abruptly as Moka rushed to get up and respond to the unexpected presence of another person.

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