Love After Lockup Latisha Davenport Has Been Locked Up More Times Than Her INMATE HUSBAND

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Love During Lockup Season 3 just aired last night, and introduced viewers to convicted felon Keith “Lil Mike” Collier and his wife, LaTisha Collier. Media Take Out confirmed that LaTisha owns her own accounting and tax preparation business, and Mike is locked up for selling crack cocaine.

The premiere episode had people wondering – what would an educated businesswoman see in a prison convict. Well, Media Take Out did a bit of digging, and she’s got quite a criminal history herself.

Media Take Out learned that a popular site called Starcasm compiled a list of all the criminal charges and arrests that LaTisha had … and what’s crazy is that she’s been locked up (for crimes such as felony fraudulent practice and felony theft) more times than her inmate husband.

Here are just a few of her alleged crimes:

November 2022: LaTisha Collier was charged with interference with official acts and false report to a public entity.

According to the arresting officer’s affidavit, LaTisha called 911 to report the location of a suspect involved in a foot pursuit. She stated the suspect was hiding out in her back yard.

But when officers arrived on the scene and located LaTisha. She denied making the 911 call, despite being in possession of the phone that dialed 911.

DECEMBER 2020 – LaTisha Collier was charged with harassment of a public official and disorderly conduct — fighting or violent behavior.

Police claim that LaTisha was observed by officers in a physical altercation with multiple other individuals in the parking lot of the business. The defendant was also identified by witnesses as being involved in the fight.

JULY 2019 – LaTisha Collier was charged with driving while barred and driving with a denied or revoked license.

LaTisha was allegedly caught driving despite being barred due to being a habitual offender. She later pleaded down to a single misdemeanor count of operation of a motor vehicle with an expired license.

Septermber 2018: LaTisha Collier was charged with two felony counts of 2nd degree theft.

Here are the charges, for which LaTisha plead guilty and received 2 years probation and 5 years suspended sentence.

COUNT 1 – The Defendant did deposit checks from… her TBK bank account into her Marine Credit Union account. The checks [drawn] from the TBK bank account came back as a closed account. Subpoena results show the Defendant’s TBK account closed on 05/11/18 and never had more than $52.00 deposited into it. The amount the Marine Credit Union is out from the Fraudulent checks is $3,348.39.

COUNT 2 – The Defendant did deposit 3 checks into her Fortress Bank account from her TBK bank account. The Defendant then withdrew the money from the bank before the TBK checks cleared. The TBK bank checks came back as insufficient funds. A subpoena showed that the Defendant never had more than $52 deposited into her account. The Bank is out $2,723.00 from the fraudulent checks.

SEPTEMBER 2017: LaTisha Collier was charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence. She was found guilty and given a 28-day suspended jail sentence in addition to a $1,250 fine.

October 2013: LaTisha Collier charged with a felony count of fraudulent practice in the first degree.

Latisha allegedly failed to report accurate income from her in-home daycare business as well as her husband’s employment income, to the Iowa Department of Human Services, as is required. Misrepresentation of facts from about September 2010 through about September 2012, have resulted in LaTisha and her household receiving the following public assistance benefits:

Food Assistance $9,551.00;
Title XIX Medical Assistance $9,489.54:

LaTisha Collier was found guilty of fraudulent practice in the first degree. She was given a 10-year suspended prison sentence and 3 years of probation.

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