Love After Lockup: Fans Believe That Monique Robinson BROKE UP w/ Derek Warner!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Life After Lockup Season 4 finale aired last night, and it doesn’t look good for Derek Warner and Monique Robinson, Media Take Out has learned.

Derek already messed up a bunch of times during the season, and up until now, he’s been able to sweet-talk his way back into Monique’s good graces. But Monique may have finally come to her senses, Media Take Out has learned.

Monique’s recent social media posts suggest that she may have dumped Derek ..and for good.

On the latest episode, Monique and her family put Derek in the hot seat, and grilled him about his alleged cheating – and he failed to pass the test.

Monique and her family grilled Derek with questions about other women, his behavior, and why he feels it necessary to hide his cell phone activity from his girlfriend.

And when Monique finally searched his phone, she finds he has been playing her for a fool. This time Derek can’t talk himself out of the corner – so, she tells him she does not want him to stay in her house and shows him the door.

So what happened after the show? Did Monique stay strong and dump Derek for good?

Well Media Take Out noticed that Monique deleted all posts of Derek from her IG, other than Life After Lockup or promotional posts.

And there’s more, she also posted a cryptic post to her Instagram stories, suggesting that this time – she’s done with him. Look:

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