Love After Lockup DRAMA: Chazz Suspects His Wife Branwin & Her BFF Are An ‘ESCORT DUO’!!

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The new season of Life After Lockup! is CRAZY. Media Take Out received an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode and in this clip, Chazz is investigating whether his wife Branwin is secretly an online escort – and discovers that she may not be working alone!

The video starts with Branwin in a confessional where she seems offended that Chazz thinks she’s a prostitute. But she doesn’t seem that offended.

“To know that Chazz is sneaking around behind my back is just annoying as f***,” Branwin says. “I can’t believe that he thinks I’m a prostitute. But, if I was, like, would you not love me? Like, a lot of women prostitute and I don’t have any less respect for them.”

Chazz then creates a fake account on the escorting website so he can monitor Branwin’s profile. He notices there is a recent review on Branwin’s profile which seemingly suggests that Branwin and her best friend Tara are “Duo partners”.

“Enjoyed a nice Saturday morning romp with these two beauties,” the review reads. “I’m guessing that would be her friend Tara because the email is Taralicious,” Chazz says.

The show doesn’t confirm or deny Chazz’ suspicions … but they allow viewers to speculate also.


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