Look At Angela Basset’s Face When She Learns She LOST Oscar To Jamie Lee Curtis … She’s TIGHT!

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Last night, Angela Basset lost the Oscar to Jamie Lee Curtis, and she was pretty tight over the loss – and wasn’t afraid to show it.

Oscar nominee Angela Bassett stayed seated as Jamie Lee Curtis collected her win for Best Supporting Actress, despite the rest of the audience giving Jamie a standing ovation, Media Take Out confirmed.

Jamie Lee Curtis was nominated for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, while Angela was up for the same award for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Black women and Black creators were mostly shut out of the awards ceremony, despite previous criticisms of the Academy being overly white.

The Oscars snubbed Viola Davis for Best Actress despite her amazing performance in The Woman King. And Danielle Deadwyler failed to nab a nomination for her once in a lifetime performance in Till.

And Angela wasn’t happy about losing, Media Take Out confirmed. The Black Panther actor refused to congratulate Curtis as walked to the stage, despite her counterparts jumping to their feet to deliver a standing ovation.

In the broadcast, Bassett is seen not clapping for Curtis after her name is announced and as the camera pans across the front row, Bassett is shown sitting motionless as others clamored to their feet to react.

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