Logic Says He’s Scared To Take Edibles

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rapper Logic admitted that he’s afraid to take edibles, during an interview with Juicy J.

“I’ve never eaten an edible. I don’t know, I’m scared. I’m scared. ‘Cause my merch guy on my last tour said he took the tiniest gummy but it was like almost 1000 MG or some crazy sh-t and he was high for 72 hours,” HE said Logic.

Juicy J opened up about his experiences with drugs.

“Yeah I don’t f-ck with them edibles like that either. I had to stop too. Them muthaf-ckas have you seeing sh-t.”

Logic then asked: “You ever done shrooms or microdose? How is that? I really wanna do it. My wife was down to do it a few years ago but I wasn’t mentally ready yet and then I was ready but now she’s pregnant so she’s like, ‘You gotta wait until I have my baby.’ So my question is, how is it when you microdose? What’s it feel like?”

Juicy replied that the mushrooms feel like “magic.”

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