Logic Calls Kanye West A ‘F*cking Moron’ Over White Lives Matter Shirts

Lyndon Abioye |

Logic thinks Kanye West’s “white lives matter” t-shirts were a horrible idea and recently gave his opinion.

“It’s kinda dope to realize the more people talking about me, positive or negative, makes me more rich. Only I’m not like evil, so I’m not out here spewing bullshit out of my mouth or wearing White Lives Matter t-shirts or some dumb sh-t like that. F-cking moron,” said Logic.

He continued: “Love Kanye by the way, [just a] stupid f-cking idea. Let me preface that. I love Kanye West I think he’s a genius I wouldn’t be here without him. I can have a f-cking opinion, and as long as my opinion is respectful and from the heart then it is what it is.

“I would have not said something like that a few years ago because I would have been scared that I wouldn’t have gotten a Kanye verse or Kanye beat … and I could just give a f-ck. Because if I ever meet Kanye West I’m just gonna shake his hand and talk to him like a man and have a fun conversation and that’s gonna be that.”

Kanye has been keeping his head down, focusing on his new wife, Bianca Censori.

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