Logan Paul Reveals “Incriminating” Dillon Danis Video

Lyndon Abioye |

Logan Paul hopped on Instagram this week where he claimed to have some incriminating footage of Dillon Danis.

According to Paul, he had DAZN cut out several things from their interview…and that during the interview, Danis admitted to committing a crime.

“He made them cut his stuttering and stumbling over his sentences, looking like a f-cking idiot. He made them cut him lying about having some photo and multiple other lies. And most importantly, he made them cut him incriminating himself in a federal crime. I have the version, I have a little clip I’ve assembled and I’ll put that out tomorrow. But I guess he was right, that sh-t was edited. But don’t worry Dillon, the people are going to see it,” Paul said of Danis.

Danis fired back at Paul.

“Between lawsuits and snitching, this p-ssy is straight up rat. Can’t defend himself or his hoe, so he has to involve the law. What a coward,” he wrote.

Danis dragged Logan Paul’s girlfriend into the mess and in return, she sued him, accused him of hacking her devices to get his hands on private content. She has also taken out a restraining order against Danis.

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