Lisa Vanderpump Sides With Tom Sandoval Following Show Finale

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Lisa Vanderpump is speaking out again in defense of Tom Sandoval after the explosive finale aired.

“I didn’t take sides with Tom, I definitely condemned what he did,” she told E! News. “You know, I can’t write him off as a person because he had an affair. The way he handled it, yes, of course.”

Fans slammed LVP for consoling Tom after he was caught cheating.

LVP does not want to add to Tom’s stress.

“That’s not what I’m not trying to do. I’m trying to tell the truth,” Vanderpump said. “Also, I feel like a mother to some of these children. So, when he’s been lambasted by the whole world, what am I going to do pile on? No, I’m going to try and have a modicum of—not empathy, I don’t have empathy—but a modicum of hope. Maybe for the future.”

LVP also expressed that the show has had a lot of ups and downs.

“It’s going to be complicated,” she said. “But ‘Vanderpump Rules’ has never been a fairy tale. Let’s be honest.”

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