Lisa Vanderpump on Why ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is Taking A “Pause”

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Lisa Vanderpump has broken her silence on the news that Vanderpump Rules will be taking a pause after the #Scandoval fallout.

Certain cast members do not want to film together and are not speaking to each other.

“We’re taking a little breath. I’ve got to open another restaurant. I think we’re done talking about ‘Scandoval.’ So I think everybody needs to have it kind of all breathe a little bit,” she said. “Every year, I think, ‘This is gonna be the last year.’ I’ve gone on and done other things. I’ve opened another restaurant and been on other shows, created Vanderpump Villa, which, people are like, ‘Oh, how’s it different?’ It’s very different.”

Ariana was called out by the cast for refuding to talk with her ex Tom Sandoval even though she was living with him.

“I think that’s some of the things that the other women called out, saying, ‘Wait a second. I can’t be friends with him but you’re living in the same house?’ I think that was the thing people were struggling with,” Lisa added. “People have drawn lines in the sand whereas I’m not really like that.”

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