Lisa Rinna Not Fired From ‘RHOBH’

Lisa Rinna has reportedly not been fired from RHOBH and still has a contract with Bravo…even though rumors have been circulating about her facing the chop.

Rinna has faced backlash from her fans for once again appearing to be two faced and hypocritical on the show.

Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax was recently attacked online by trolls and Lisa posted a statement from the network in support of the teen. After she deleted it, fans speculated she had been fired.

Lisa was accused by fans of paying for bots to attack Jax.

“Don’t you find it interesting that the sh-t that’s going down online. Right now. Like it’s not evening happening on the show, it’s happening online. Don’t you find it interesting that it’s happening right before the Aspen stuff is gonna happen? Cause it’s gonna happen,” she said on IG. “But I find it so interesting, yeah. Is it a coinkidink that the producer of our show now was the producer of Vanderpump Rules, when all that sh-t went down over there, online, in the press, and such. I don’t know, I have a little detective inside of me that goes [off], when bullsh-t’s happening, and it’s being placed on people, and me. I go wait a second. Why? Why is that happening? So I’m just putting two, three, four, and five, together, and I’m going, ‘Oh. Very interesting.'”

A source told Radar Online that Lisa has not been given the boot.

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