Lisa Rinna Accused Of Racial Profiling TMZ Cameraman

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Lisa Rinna is facing more backlash after an old clip of her racially profiling a TMZ cameraman resurfaced online.

The interview clip was from 2010. In the clip, 2010, Lisa tells the cameraman John, “I thought you were a gang member.” She then grabs his camera and pans to a tattoo of Guam and a sailboat on his arm.

Lisa didn’t stop there.

“Yes, you looked like you just got out of a car from South-Central and you might pop me. You just looked shady,’ she added.

John responded by telling the Housewife, “But everyone has tattoos!”

“No, but you looked shady,” Lisa continued.

Lisa has been in the headlines because of her beef with Kathy Hilton. Fans want her off the show but Lisa says she’s going nowhere.

“I see you, I know who you really are no amount of money can hide that. Your belief system is NOT my belief system. You have spent a lot of time and money and effort trying to silence me, make me the bad guy but guess what honey, I’m like a cockroach and you can never get rid of me. I’m always gonna talk about it. The truth always comes out… always,” she added.

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