Lisa Hochstein Says She Could ‘Never Go Back’ To Lenny

Miami Housewife Lisa Hochstein says that she would never go back to her husband Lenny Hochstein, who allegedly cheated on her with his new girlfriend.

“I could never go back,” he said. “He’s done so many horrible things to me — too much has been said and too much has been done — that any chance of a reconciling is gone in my mind. I have no hopes of getting back together. That ship has sailed.”

The couple, who share two children together, have been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle.

“It’s been really ugly and really nasty,” she told PEOPLE . “And unfortunately, the press has gotten hold of so many of these motions so we haven’t been able to keep things private. It’s just humiliating.”

She continued, “We haven’t gotten to discussions of custody, support — none of that. But it’s bad. Every day, I can feel the anger and hate between Lenny and I growing on both sides. It just get worse and worse, which worries me because I don’t know how we’ll ever find peace if it stays like this.”

Lisa is reported to be dating since Lenny filed for divorce. The legal battle fallout has been captured by Peacock cameras.

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