Lil Yachty Denies Mariah The Scientist Dating Rumors

Lyndon Abioye |

Lil Yachty denied rumors that he once dated Mariah The Scientist.

“How you go to school to be an anesthesiologist and ended up flunking out bc of Lil Yachty,” one fan wrote on social media alongside a picture of Mariah.

Mariah used to attend St. John’s University in New York after receiving a biology scholarship. But she dropped out to pursue her dream in music. Some fans speculate that she left university for a romance with Yachty.

Yachty saw the post and quickly responded.

“Lol why do y’all keep trying me over this woman.. I been [quiet] for so long but plz stop making up this weird ass false narrative,” he said. “& me and Mariah wasn’t dating at the time……. again!!!! Only time ima say this. Leave me out of it!”

He added, “& the fact Mariah just let all these lies go on is weird to me,” he tweeted. “Y’all really be on d-ck about sh-t y’all no nothing about…go touch grass.”

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