Lil Xan Claims He’s Clean After Leaving Rehab

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Lil Xan claims he is drug free after leaving rehab.

 “I just got out of rehab about a month and a half ago. I’m 40 days clean. You know Scott Storch? He has a rehab called The Heavenly Center, and it’s a rehab where you can actually smoke weed,” he said.

“It helped out a lot because I’m a big pothead. So I just finished 30 days at the detox center and then 30 days there. It was a blessing. I’m finally sober for once in my f-cking life. It feels really good, it feels really good, man.”

In March, the rapper posted that he had checked himself into a 51/50. A California law code allows for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of those who pose a danger to themselves or others owing to symptoms of mental illness.

“Didn’t Want To Even Let People Know How Bad It Was Affecting My Mental Health But I Feel I Should Be In The Hospital On A 51/50. Please Stop Speaking About Me If You Don’t Know Me I’m A Human Being Just Like You,” he posted.

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