Lil Wayne Reveals He Was SCARED To Collab With Eminem!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Lil Wayne is one of the most poppin’ rappers in the country, but he says he was scared to work with Eminem on their 2009 collab, “Drop the World.”

“I was scared, actually, when I called Eminem for a song,” Wayne told New York Times. “That is a monster. He must have the same thing I have with words. Like, we can’t get them out of our heads. Every meaning, every aspect of them. Things that rhyme, we hear it. I already know the gift and the curse that he has. And I love to hear the way he puts it together.”

He continued: “When I was on The Tonight Show, I was playing Pictionary. And my thing was Harry Potter. So I drew a pot, and they got that. I drew a man with a face, and I put a bunch of hair around him. They were like, ‘Wait, he’s hairy.’ I’m, like, Harry Potter. We plan our words. At all times.”

“Drop the World” is Wayne’s third collaboration with Eminem. In June 2010, the RIAA awarded the single its first Platinum. Last year, the RIAA recognized the five million units the song sold in the US since its release.

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