Lil Uzi’s “Side Piece” Saudiah B Says JT Stalks Her …. JT Admits To It!! (Who’s Cuter JT … Or The Jumpoff?)

Lyndon Abioye |

Female rapper JT is having a pretty rough week. Yesterday she got into a Twitter fight with a woman who is allegedly one of her boyfriend, Lil Uzi’s ,side pieces, Media Take Out confirmed.

It all started when JT got into a back-and-forth with a popular blogger named Ken Barbie. During their argument, Ken exposed that Lil Uzi has multiple side pieces, and that JT is aware of her man’s philandering ways.

Ken inadvertantly named one of Uzi’s alleged side pieces, a Philly girl named Saudia. JT acknowledged the girl – and downplayed her importance to Lil Uzi.

Saudia – the alleged side piece then got into the mess. She started arguing with JT – admitting that she had a relationship with Uzi. JT – in response, claimed that Uzi and Saudia stopped messing with each other a long time ago, look:

Here’s what Saudia looks like BTW:

And here’s JT:

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