Lil Tay’s Father Threatens To Sue For Defamation!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Weeks after the alleged death hoax, Lil Tay’s father has threatened legal action after being accused of faking his daughter’s death.

Lil Tay was reported to be dead and more than 24 hours later, the rapper released a statement claiming she had been hacked.

Then her mother spoke out about her custody battle for Lil Tay and her brother.

Yesterday, on Lil Tay’s Instagram Story, a picture of Christopher J. Hope was posted, accusing him of being a racist and a misogynist and claiming he was behind the hoax.

He denies the allegations.

“The person who is responsible for that Instagram post, as well as anyone repeating the completely false and libelous accusation within it, are virtually certain to become defendants in a defamation lawsuit,” he told TMZ.

Hope adds, “Everything stated is 100% false, and I trust that this should be obvious to anyone who knows me or the long history of absurd and untrue statements made by the various people who have controlled the Instagram account.”

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