Lil Scrappy CONFRONTS Momma Dee … For Raising Him In Brothel & A Trap HOUSE!!!

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Yesterday was one of the most real moments in the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise. Lil Scrappy confronted his mother, about the pain he felt as a child growing up in a trap house and a brothel, where his mom sold her body to customers.

And Media Take Out confirmed, it was a very powerful scene.

Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee worked first as an escort, and eventually the head pimp of a famous brothel in Atlanta. She had scrappy during her time in the streets, and she raised him in a pretty crazy environment.

Scrappy, who hides his feelings well, never confronted his mother – and told her what it was like for him as a child to see his mother turning tricks or doing drugs.

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, he broke down and finally confronted Momma Dee about what she put him through.

It’s a pretty powerful scene, and it’s causing quite a conversation on Black Twitter – about Black male trauma, and the source of “mommy issues” in men.


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