Lil Scrappy Claims He Used To Sleep w/ Amanda Seales

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Lil Scrappy claims he once used to date Insecure star Amanda Seales.

“Shoutout to somebody that I dated a long time ago that Bam just went and did an interview with and didn’t even know it…Amanda Seales. Amanda Seales, she always stands up for the women but I wonder did she tell Bam that she f-cked her ex-husband before?” said Scrap.

He continued, “But I wonder when Amanda was sitting there taking my ex-baby mama’s truth, did she sit and have that conversation with her and say ‘Oh, I f-cked with him before.”

Lil Scrappy and Adiz “Bambi” Benson tied the knot in 2017. The couple divorced in 2023 after five years of marriage.

Fans were shocked about Scrappy’s revelation. Word got back to Amanda Seales who commented under the clip, “Oh wow. I’ll address this later.”

Scrappy is standing by his version of events.

“I ain’t said a lie yet. I wouldn’t lie on my kids’ mama…I don’t have nothing to gain from that. I really don’t have nothing to gain from talking about [Bambi] at all,” he said.

Was he wrong to spill the tea?

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