Lil Scrappy Asks Why People Aren’t Speaking Up For Papoose Amid Remy Ma Cheating Allegations

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Lil Scrappy hopped on social media to defend Papoose and ask why more people aren’t rallying around him amid rumors his wife Remy Ma cheated on his with Eazy the Block Captain.

“When men do some sh-t, man, women stand up from all mountains of the earth. They stand up, ‘Oh why would he do this sh-t?’ But we ain’t heard nothing about what happened to Papoose! We don’t hear sh-t about that sh-t. Ain’t nobody standing up for Papoose saying, ‘Aw man, we sorry that sh-t happened to you. Shawty did you dirty.’ We ain’t hearing none of that sh-t, my n-gga,” said Scrappy.

Remy Ma has not addressed the rumors directly, other than asking people to stop spreading “lies” on social media.

Audio of Eazy seemingly copping to the affair leaked online last month.

Scrap continued: “We ain’t hearing none of that shit because ain’t nobody tryna stand up. And they talking about the Black woman is the most unprotected on the muthaf-ckin’ earth when n-ggas is dying daily.”

Scrappy says he’s sticking up for the Black man.

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