Lil Nas X Releases Christian Music … Wears A Skirt & Lace Front In Music Video!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Hip hop/pop sensation Lil Nas X is now making Christian music, Media Take Out has learned.

Lil Nas X

The outspoken and flamboyant star decided to give fans a preview of his new track on Instagram. According the Lil Nas X, he’s now entered the “Christian Era” of his career path.

But there were a few potentially un-Christian things in his new video. For example, Lil Nas X wore a long lakefront wig and a skirt while singing about being touched by the Holy spirit.

Media Take Out learned that many in the Christian community don’t know quite what to think. On one hand, the song is good … but on the other hand, Lil Nas X has been known to troll people (often in very inappropriate ways).

Here’s the new video. What do you think?

Lil Nas X lashed out against his critics. According to Lil Nas X he gets on his knees both to pray and to “s*** d***.”


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