Lil Meech Ex Makes Outrageous HERPES Claim About R&Bs Summer Walker! (She Got It From Gay Man)

Lyndon Abioye |

Lil Meech’s ex-girlfriend is making some explosive claims about the actor and about Meech’s ex, R&B superstar Summer Walker.

Meech’s ex was a guest on the popular podcast We In Miami, and Media Take Out confirmed that she had a LOT to say.

The beautiful woman claimed that she dated Lil Meech for a few weeks, after Meech split with Summer.

And the woman – who now appears to be very bitter about Meech dumping her – decided to go off and make some disturbing and explosive remarks about Summer.

According to the woman – who did not provide any substantiating evidence – Meech allegedly told her that Summer “had herpes.” She also claims that Summer contracted the disease while “messing with a gay n***a.”

The podcasters did not ask the woman for any substantiation for her explosive claims – they just let her rock.

For example. The woman claimed that Summer “had herpes” but she also claims that Meech would frequently have s** with the beautiful singer. But she suggested that Meech never contracted the potentially life altering illness.

Sounds like a bitter woman talking sh** to us. What do you think:

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