Lil Gotit Tells Gunna Not To Post About Lil Keed!!

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After Gunna posted a tribute to Lil Keed on social media, his brother posted on Instagram, warning the YSL rapper against mentioning his brother in the future.

“R.I.P KEED [I love you] & [I miss you] TWIN,” Gunna tweeted.

“N-ggas need to stop that cap,” Gotit posted on his Instagram Story. “Don’t call me twin,” he added in a follow-up post.

He then hopped on and spoke to Gunna directly on video.

“My mama said, she would like for nobody to post Keed in any type of way. Like, trying to be funny. Just don’t post it ’cause Lil Gotit gon’ say something. That’s all I’ma say. I don’t give a f-ck what nobody do, what nobody say, just don’t post Keed. I don’t care. I just got on here to say that. That’s what my mama said,” he said on Live.

He continued: “Nobody post bruh. It can be happy. It can be trying to be funny. Just don’t post him at all because I’m having no understanding. You hear me? That’s all I’ma say. ’Cause if Keed was alive he wouldn’t have even accepted none of this sh-t, to be honest.”

Fans think Gotit’s reaction is because Gunna allegedly snitched on Young Thug.

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