Lil Fizz Drags Omarion: This N*ggas Can’t Sing!!

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Lil Fizz joined Raz B and J-Boog in dissing Omarion after he called the trio his backup dancers.

“I ain’t deleting sh-t. For what? This sh-t fun and games, but if it’s smoke then it’s smoke. I am who I am… a father, entrepreneur, B2K member.”

Fizz continued, “What I’m not is Omelons backup dancer, sh-t I can’t dance… Just like this [n-gga] can’t sing.”

On stage on Verzuz last week, Omarion brought out a slice of water melon, ate it on stage and passed it around.

Fans clowned him on Twitter.

“Omarion had special guests, dance sequences, a ‘You Got Served’ tribute, a watermelon-eating contest, sage, and some wardrobe changes… just to get destroyed by Mario and his coat,” one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, “I’m imagining Omarion was late because he had to stop by Ralph’s to get those two cuts of watermelon.”

Fans want to know why he thought it would be a good idea.

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