Lil Durk Weighs In On Donald Trump’s Comments About Chicago

Tiffany Brockworth |

Lil Durk has weighed in on Donald Trump’s comments about Chicago.

Trump has referenced the violence in Chicago many times. In 2020, the former president said the city was “worse than Afghanistan” or any war zone that the U.S. is in. “47% of all murders in Chicago and 68% of all murders in Baltimore went without arrests last year. Americans want law and order. They demand law and order,” Trump stated.

Durk doesn’t agree.

“I really don’t pay it no mind,” the rapper told MSNBC. “’Cause it’s murder everywhere. You could get self-defense anywhere, you could get killed anywhere, you could get stabbed anywhere. You could choke anywhere, you could kidnap anywhere.”

He added, “It’s just every city has the moment of the rates. If you look up right now who got the most murder rate I bet you it ain’t Chicago. Then the story transpire to that city. That’s why I never comment on it because every city has its day.”

Trump is current the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

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