Lil Durk Post Pic Of Him & Morgan Wallen Fishing Together

Tiffany Brockworth |

Lil Durk has seemingly taken up a new hobby…fishing. The rapper posted a pic of him and country singer fishing over the weekend.

“Family is family can’t nothing change that,” Durk captioned the post. “P.s. I’m done wit fish.”

“Durk done pulled up and taught me how to fish,” captioned his own Instagram post.

The pair sparked up an unlikely friendship, appearing on each other’s albums.

Durk is seemingly distancing himself from the streets. Wallen is working on cleaning up his image after his n-word controversy back in 2021.

In the viral video, Wallen returned home from a night out with his friends in Nashville. His neighbor then decided to record Wallen and his crew because they were being extremely noisy in the middle of the night.

Wallen, who appears to be intoxicated, can then be heard saying:

“Take care of this “pssy-ass motherfcker” to his friends before adding: “Take care of this pssy-ass ngger.”

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