LIl Baby’s Baby Mama Jayda Wayda Claims … She ‘ONLY Dates HOOD N**GAS’!!

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Social media influencer Jayda Wayda is going viral today, after she revealed that she refuses to date a man …. unless he is a “hood n***a,” Media Take Out has learned.

Jayda made the shocking confession yesterday, during an interview by a friend on Instagram Live.

Her friend asked, “What does [a man’ have to have to date Jayda … give us a list [of characteristics,” Media Take Out heard.

Jayda responded, saying, “To be my n***a, you got to be hood.”

“I don’t want [anyone] who’s not hood. You gotta carry a gun. If you don’t carry a gun, I don’t want you in my space” the beautiful social media influencer added.

Jayda’s friend was shocked – and he pressed her about her answer. The friend followed up asking, “You mean, he couldn’t be a soccer player, like a billionaire soccer player. He has to be about that life?”

Jayda responded, “I’m a suburban girl, you know [I went to] a private Catholic school, but I was always attracted to a thug.”


Jayda’s fans are upset with her comments, and calling her out for perpetuating violent stereotypes that affects millions of Black men, Media Take Out has learned.

What do you think about her choice in men?

Jayda emerged as a successful entrepreneur and a Youtuber, with videos that fetch thousands of views. Her videos are mainly focused on make-up and traveling. Jayda is also the owner of Amour Jayda Shop, a clothing brand, and the pioneer of Wayda Shop – a hair growth consultancy.

As a model, she has made a mark in 2021, when she participated in Matte’s Swim Collection Week. Jayda Wayda impressed judges with her bold look and her sparking personality.

She started her youtube channel in 2018 and has gained 326k subscribers. She has earned 9.5 million views in August 2021. Her most popular video is the one she posted on Father’s Day on June 24. About 1.1 million people have watched it.

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