Lil Baby Addresses The WHITE RAPPER Who Sounds Just Like Him . . . Is He A ‘Culture Vulture’

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Lil Baby is one of the biggest stars in rap for the past few years, so it was only a matter of time until a few copycats popped up. And Media Take Out learned that there is a new Caucasian rapper buzzing on social media, who sounds exactly like Lil Baby.

The White rapper from South Carolina and he goes by Lil Man J. The White rapper has turned into a viral sensation, largely due to the comparisons to Lil Baby he’s received. Lil Man J has acknowledged the comparisons in the past but he doubled down on his new single, “Cap Freestyle” that he released on YouTube.

On the record, he raps, “Trying to be black, I’m as white as can be/ I’m the white Lil Baby, no one harder than me.”

Check out Lil Man J’s “Cap Freestyle” below and let us know if you think he sounds like Lil Baby. 

Fans quickly began to react to the claim online but it appears that the clip finally caught the attention of Lil Baby. As spotted by HipHopDx, a clip of the song was posted on OurGenerationMusic’s Instagram page, and Baby quickly slid into the comment sections in disbelief. “Is this a joke or he serious?” Baby wrote.

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