Lenny Kravitz :”I have not been invited to a BET or Source awards!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Rock superstar Lenny Kravitz is feeling a way, about not being recognized by Black people for his art. Media Take Out learned that Lenny gave a recent interview with Esquire magazine, where he explained how he feels that he’s not been given credit by his own community.

The interviewer wrote, “[Lenny] noted how it took 10 years to get on Vibe’s “Who’s Who” list and that he’s never been celebrated by BET or Source.”

Lenny is quoted as saying, “To this day, I have not been invited to a BET thing or a Source Awards thing.”

Lenny added, “And it’s like, here is a Black artist who has reintroduced many Black art forms, who has broken down barriers—just like those that came before me broke down. That is positive. And they don’t have anything to say about it?”

Lenny Kravitz is an American singer-songwriter and actor. Known for his unique fusion of rock, funk, reggae, hard rock, soul, and R&B, Kravitz is recognized for his powerful vocal range and distinctive style. In addition to his music career, Kravitz has ventured into acting, appearing in films and TV shows.

Kravitz has won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, which he received four years in a row from 1999 to 2002,[6] breaking the record for most wins in that category and setting the record for most consecutive wins in one category by a male performer. He has been nominated for and won several other awards, including American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, Brit Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Kravitz has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

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