Legendary NY Rapper MC Shan, 57, Loses ALL His Teeth … Now Wears Dentures!!

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MC Shan is one of the most legendary hip hop artists in the world. But years of hard living are finally catching up to the NY legend.

Media take Out confirmed that the Queens rapper has lost most of his teeth, and he’s now wearing dentures – at least until his permanent replacement teeth are maf=de.

The rapper showed off his new grill yesterday – which he claim sis difficult to wear.


MC Shan is a hip hop and R&B recording artist.

He is best known for his song “The Bridge” produced by Marley Marl, and for collaborating with Snow on “Informer”, the international number-one hit single. MC Shan’s New York birth records state he was born in Queens, New York.

n 1985, Shan started on MCA Records with his first and only MCA single, “Feed the World”. He was also interviewed in the 1986 cult documentary Big Fun In The Big Town.[1] MCA were not sure about what to do with hip hop, thus he was dismissed from the label. Not long after, Shan signed to Cold Chillin’ Records due to his relationship with Marl, and joined Marl’s Juice Crew.[2] His debut album Down by Law was released on Warner Bros in 1987.

MC Shan was one of the first hip hop artists to have a major record deal with Warner Bros.

He also found himself to be a key player in the noted hip-hop rivalry, known as the Bridge Wars, between the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions. Controversy rose from his most famous single “The Bridge b/w Beat Biter”. The A-side, one of the first song to sample “Impeach The President” (before was “Get Physical” for Steady B, also produced by Marley Marl) tells the story of how his crew got started in Queensboro Bridge. It also provided a template for other artists to use it as Queens representative anthem. The B-side is a mild-tempered diss-track aimed at LL Cool J for his song Rock The Bells which took the beat from “Marley Scratch”, a promo by Marlon and Shawn from 1985 on NIA Records. Although at the time this practice was not allowed, KRS-One however responded with a parody of “The Bridge” named “South Bronx,” and the Juice Crew sampled that song with a reply, “Kill That Noise.” Slate magazine described the conflict: “In 1986, it was a beef that launched the star of KRS-One.”[3] A week later, Boogie Down Productions then released “The Bridge is Over,” widely celebrated among hip-hop fans as the highest rated diss track. Somehow all the negative attention went to MC Shan. Years later, MC Shan remade “The Bridge” into “Da Bridge 2001”, and strongly denied the bridge “was over”, saying:

The Bridge was never over
We left our mark
This jam is dedicated to you and your boys
I brought my Queensbridge thugs to kill that noise

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