Leah McSweeney Doesn’t Think She’ll Be Invited Back To ‘RHONY’

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Leah McSweeney does not think she’ll be invited back to RHONY.

“I think I’m not coming back,” she declared on the “We Should Talk” podcast with Gibson Johns. “It’s just the better way to think about it.”

“I mean look, I have to see if they offer me to go back, I have to wait to see who’s on it and which show it is, and whatever … you know I can’t think the what if.”

Last season, Leah was accused of bullying Heather Thompson.

“Shortly after she arrived, Leah and Heather [butted] heads. Their exchanges got messy and included some name-calling,” the insider spilled.

Heather thinks that Leah was turning it up for the cameras.

“Heather could see Leah was acting up for the cameras and using behavior she considered demeaning and exploitative and frankly, crossed a line,” the source alleged. “Heather wanted no part of Leah so after she left that weekend Heather had no interest in continuing the season at all and stopped filming.”

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