LaTocha Scott Regrets Filming ‘Queens of R&B’ After Stolen Money Allegations

Tiffany Brockworth |

After the drama over her allegedly stealing $30,000 from her sister, Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott says she regrets filming the show.

“Once we started to film, everything started to go crazy. I tell people I signed up to be celebrated, all of us, for 30 years in the game. That’s what it should’ve been,” she said on The Ricky Smiley Morning Show.

She added, “I wish I never would’ve signed up for this, to be honest. With my sister, she’s always going to be my sister. That’s my family. We go through highs and lows. Everybody got peaks and valleys. It’s just right now. We’re going through that in the public eye.”

Latocha and her husband, Rocky Bivens, have denied stealing any money from Tamika.

Da Brat was hailed as the hero after she pressed LaTocha on the fact that Tamika has always had her back in the past.

“What I do know to be true is no matter what you did or said when we was little, your sister would definitely take your side, whether you were right or wrong,” Da Brat told LaTocha. “You always seemed to be the person everyone had to listen to, I guess because you were the oldest. But Kandi always seemed to be the one hurt and slighted because they had to take your side.”

LaTocha says she was unaware of Kandi being unhappy.

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