Larenz Tate: I SNAPPED During Filming Of Dead Presidents … Intentionally Choked Actress Rose Jackson

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Actor Larenz Tate is coming under fire, after he made some controversial comments about what went down during the filming of his 1990s hit movie, Dead Presidents, Media Take Out confirmed.

Larenz appeared on Fat Joe’s podcast, and explained what happened during the filming of a particularly violent scene.

In the movie Dead Presidents, Larenz played a disgruntled Vietnam War veteran named Anthony. In the scene in question, Anthony gets into an argument with his babys mother Juanita, played by actress Rose Jackson, after learning that she was sleeping with a local pimp while he was away at war.

The two argued on camera, and Anthony at one point, got upset and violently strangles Juanita. It was a powerful, and violent scene.

Here’s the scene:

And here’s a screenshot, that show just how violently Larenz grabbed Rose’s throat.

On Fat Joe’s podcast, Larenz broke down what really happened behind the scenes – and it’s pretty disturbing.

Media Take Out confirmed that Larenz told Fat Joe that he was “deep in character” while the scene was being filmed. He also claims that the choke was NOT IN THE SCRIPT. Larenz just “improvised” the violent strangulation.

Larenz admitted that Rose had no idea that he was going to do that.

It’s not clear how Rose reacted on set. But later that night, Larenz called the actress to check up on her, Media Take Out learned. According to Larenz, he was apologetic and explained to her that he only did that in “movies” and not in “real life.”

Rose told Larenz that she was bruised during the scene, and hours later – when she was in the shower – she felt pain when water hit her bruised neck, Media Take Out learned.

Rose was just 22 years old at the time, and was acting in her first ever Hollywood movie. Larenz, in 1995, was one of the hottest African American actors in the world.

Black Twitter has gotten ahold of Larenz’s admission … and he’s in a bit of trouble …

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