Lala Kent Claps Back At Hater: I’ve Never Liked Raquel!!

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Lala Kent took time to clap back at a hater who labeled her as mean.

Lala is seen talking about Raquel Leviss with Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules…Ryan Bailey, host of So Bad It’s Good called her out on Instagram.

“Lala is all over the place @byewighellodrama mentioned that Lala is still mad at Randall and that anger is potentially coming out in other places. I personally wish we would get more of that storyline of the Randall of it all. It just would add more context of what Lala is actually going thru during that time in filming and why she punches down a lot,” he wrote. “Also, Raquel turned out to be awful, but if this information hadn’t dropped yet, it would have painted Raquel as a complete underdog [you] root for. Instead of the creep, she turned out to be.”

Lala saw the post and clapped back: “Why do we have to keep schooling people on life?

“1. My situation is delicate, and there are legal aspects involved. Although I shared it all, who knows what will be put in the season. I do know one day, everything that I’m dealing with behind the scenes will be revealed,” Lala wrote.

“2. You can say all day long IF THIS NEVER HAPPENED WITH SCANDOVAL Lala would have looked mean. Some of you act so brand new to me. You know the drill by now. I’ve never liked Raquel. She’s always triggered me. NOW WE KNOW WHY Derrrrr. It’s a big iffff y’all,” she continued.

“I made decisions I was not proud of. Things that wouldn’t have happened had I been clear and sober. It’s not an excuse, it’s fact. And unless you struggle with addiction you won’t understand, nor does your opinion have any place on this conversation,” Lala explained.

“4. My words are intense. I got that,” she went on. “Things I say at times are completely out of pocket. However, words are words. I’m about actions. Raquel was full of friendly words … Her actions, not so much.”

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