Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Getting MARRIED . . . We Got Details & Their Wedding Registry!!!

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are reportedly set to get married, Media Take Out has learned. There are a number on reports on the internet that, when read together, strongly suggest that the wealthiest Kardashian and her hip hop star boyfriend are getting hitched.

And we even have an alleged wedding date – December 10th.

So now that you have the alleged tea, Media Take Out will provide you with the receipts that we managed to gather.

First off, an IG page which claims to belong to Kylie’s nephew Mason is reporting that Kylie is wearing white in her most recent video, because she’s on what is being described as a “bridal party outing” with her sisters.

In the video Kylie is wearing white, and all her sisters are wearing Black, which raised a few eyebrows

Here’s videos of Kylie on that night out:

Shortly after the outing, the account purportedly belonging to Mason claimed that the trip was confirmation that Kylie and Travis are getting married. Media Take Out has not been able to independently confirm whether it’s in fact Mason on the account, but folks on Twitter seem to believe that the account belongs to Kourtney’s eldest son.


The same account then posted these images, saying that Kylie reached out and tried to shut down the tea spilling:

And Media Take Out has some more receipts. We did some digging a few days back – and learned that a suspicious wedding registry was created on the ultra-luxury website Scully and Scully. It’s the type of store that you would expect Kylie to shop at. You know, one carrying $900 pillows and $3,000 napkin sets.

The wedding registry was created under the names “Mother Goose” and “Cactus Jack.” That’s suspicious because Kylie has called herself Mother Goose in the past, and Cactus Jack is Travis’ nickname.

The wedding registry called for a December 10, 2022 wedding date. We managed to get a screenshot of the registry:

But this morning, after others on Twitter found the registry, Media Take Out confirmed that the names were mysteriously changed. Instead of using the terms “Mother Goose” and “Cactus Jack”, the couple who created the registry altered the names – to further hide their identity. Now they just used a bunch of ?????s.


Here is just a sample of the crazy rich person stuff on the registry:

So what do you think – are Kylie and Travis headed down the aisle. The evidence is starting to add up.

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