Kountry Wayne Responds To Jess Hilarious… ‘She NEVER Tells The TRUTH!!’

Lyndon Abioye |

Kountry Wayne has responded to Jess Hilarious’ interview with Cam Newton where she claimed they broke up because she found out he was still married.

“Jess, like I always told her, she never tells the 100% truth, and I let her do that. I text Jess the other day. I said, ‘Jess, man.’ I got kinda petty. I said, ‘You gotta get more going on in your career so they can stop bringing up my name,'” he told Shannon Sharpton, when asked about her comments.

Kountry Wayne added, “Cause when I come, Netflix specials and book…This going on that going on. We don’t got to down each other, man that’s been 5 years ago. If that’s the main question in your interview, we gotta put some work in.”

The comedian added that he was the prize in that relationship.

“Charlamagne asked me one time, he said ‘how you lose Jess Hilarious?’ I said ‘how she lose Kountry Wayne? I’m the catch!’ My baby mamas, they fine as I don’t know what, Jess fine too, but I been had them. She ain’t had no Kountry Wayne. Let’s stop that.”

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