Kooda B ‘SHOCKED’ 6ix9ine Testified Against Him

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Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods affiliate Kooda B revealed he was surprised when Tekashi 6ix9ine testified against him in the 2020 Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods racketeering case.

“I’m like, ‘Damn, I thought those was brothers.’ He was yelling gang gang and all that sh-t. Those was supposed to be your brothers. Some people not street dudes, some people is. If you not a street dude, you’ve got to stay in that lane. He jumped in that lane, you’re supposed to go all the way with it. You gotta go all the way with it if you gon’ jump in that lane,” Kooda B told 6ix9ine.

He continued: “You run around blood flag, run around tellin’ people to suck ya dick. It’s like, you gotta go all the way now. He should have went all the way. I ain’t gon’ front when they told me, and everything, I’m like, me, I ain’t do sh-t to you. I’m solid. No cap. Anytime you call me, look out, anything. You come to my hood, you good. And so I was surprised. That sh-t definitely shocked me. That sh-t hurt my mom’s. I had him around her. That sh-t hurt my family.”

In December 2020, Kooda B was sentenced to 54 months after Tekashi 6ix9ine testified, connecting him to the attempted shooting of Chicago rapper, Chief Keef.

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