Kodak Black Upset Over Grammys Snub

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Kodak Black is upset that his home isn’t decorated with Grammys by now.

Speaking to DJ Akademiks, he ranted about being snubbed by the Grammys.

“Y’all know I’m supposed to have a million Grammys. Ok, but f-ck the Grammy’s. Fck the awards ’cause sometimes your sh-t don’t always come as a trophy. Look how real n-ggas gotta get their awards. I count the Trump pardon — that’s my Grammy, that’s my award then.”

Kodak says he believes Super gremlin would at least be nominated…but it wasn’t.

“At first, I was sitting at this shit like, ‘Damn, homie. Y’all know ‘Super Gremlin’ was the hottest shit — still the hottest shit,” Kodak said. “Even though a lot of them muthafuckas had good songs, why y’all still ain’t give me my shit, homie? What the fuck a n-gga supposed to do?”

Is it time to give Yak a grammy?

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