Kodak Black Throws ROCKS At Paparazzi After Jail Release!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Kodak Black was captured on camera throwing rocks at a news crew shortly after his release from jail.

Reporters from local outlet WPLG Local 10 waited for him upon his release from Broward County Jail. After spotting the news crew, the crouched behind an air conditioning unit and threw rocks at them, allegedly telling one of them he was going to punch him.

“Call the cops! Call the cops!” Kodak shouted while throwing rocks.

Yak was freed from jail yesterday after a federal judge sentenced him to time served for a probation violation. Yak’s drug trafficking case from 2022 remains ongoing.

“Federal Probation terminated with time served,” Yak’s attorney Bradford Cohen wrote. “In the Southern District of Florida Judge Maritnez dismissed all substantive counts and Kodak plead to sole violation of failure to report police contact. Time served and he should be released by tonight.”

On Monday, he released his video for “Shampoo” on Monday.

“I’ve been smoking … I’ve been drinking … whipping up a dope cake,”he raps.

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