Kodak Black Reacts To 21 Savage Saying Nas Isn’t Relevant

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Kodak Black clapped back at 21 Savage’s remarks that Nas is not relevant.

“Talking about, ‘Oh, Nas irrelevant.’ How the fuck Nas irrelevant, hoe? How the f-ck Nas ain’t relevant, homie? N-gga smoking dick. Did a f-ckin’ Drake [album]. We salute Drake, we love Drake, okay, whatever,” said Yak.

He then rapped a few bars.

“Nas that n-gga, homie. I know I can (I know I can) / Be what I wanna be (Be what I wanna be) / If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it) / I’ll be where I wanna be. You crazy, boy. The f-ck? Nas that boy. Homie, you tripping. Nas that n-gga, boy, you tripping, boy. The f-ck?”

He continued: “A n-gga fucked up about Nas. I love that boy, homie. I ain’t saying n-ggas ain’t lit or whatever and they on they real. Nas wasn’t bothering you, boy. I wasn’t bothering you, n-gga.”

21 cleared up his Clubhouse comments with a tweet:

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