King Yella Claims Mexicans Tried To Kill Him!!

Lyndon Abioye |

King Yella hopped on social media to make a shocking claim that there had been an attempt on his life in San Bernadino.

The rapper claims his children were in the vehicle with his during the assassination attempt. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

“Muthaf-cka done shot my window out, done tried to kill us in Cali,” Yella showing off a bullet hole in his windshield. “These n-ggas some bitches. Muthaf-cking Mexicans in San Bernadino. Them n-ggas shot at me and my kids.”

He added: “Y’all n-ggas some hoes. N-ggas shooting at kids and sh-t. You bitches is weird as f-ck. Stupid-ass Mexicans.”

The rapper was almost killed back in 2016 after an attempt on his life during a video shoot.

“I’m shooting a muthaf-ckin’ Black Lives Matter video and muthaf-ckas come and shoot me. It’s cool, you know. I wish you n-ggas the best of luck you know, whoever you was. But guess what man, the devil be working but he can’t overcome God, you feel me? You bitch ass n-ggas can’t stop me, you dumb ass n-ggas,” he said at the time.

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