King Von’s Sister BLASTS Charleston White’s Disrespectful Post…He Responds

Lyndon Abioye |

King Von’s sister Kayla B hopped on X to respond to Charleston White’s recent post with her brother’s killer, Lul Timm.

In the post, Charleston taunted Von’s mother and praised Lul Timm for pulling the trigger.

“Why I just seen that ho a-s n-gga Charleston white wateva his name is,” she wrote. “I would have beat his a-s but the police was right there.”

Shortly after, Charleston caught wind of her tweet and hopped online to respond.

“Dear King Von Sister. I want to kindly remind you that your tough a-s dead brother was slumped at a club in Atlanta, Georgia for trying to fight a little skinny n-gga! I’m sure you don’t want join the hump in the ground gang for thinking you’re tough too! I also want to remind you that I embrace your brother killer with love, admiration, and appreciation for killing your brother! No love, Unc,” he wrote.

Fans slammed Charleston again, telling him to leave the dead alone.

Is he going too far?

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