King Los DRAGGED For Being Spotted Out w/ Diddy In Miami!!

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Former Bad Boy artist King Los is being dragged online after a video of him walking alongside Diddy was published online.

Los is seen walking with Diddy the day after his apology for the viral video of his savagely attacking his ex-girlfriend, Cassie.

When they are approached by paparazzi, Los looks confused and shocked.

Fans reacted to the video.

“King Los looks like he didn’t wanna be caught or seen with Diddy. He looked like he didn’t know what to do. 😭 I’m sorry to laugh but he looks like “damn now why are they putting these cameras on me, now all these people gonna think I support his antics or behavior”. Los was about to about face,” one viewer wrote in the comments section.

@iamkinglos you sticking with him?” somebody commented.

Another added, “Definitely staged you cannot just get on to Star Island w/o permission from the person who’s property you’re going on. Still looking for sympathy like he’s the victim.”

Diddy did not admit to assaulting Cassie until the video, released by CNN, went viral.

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