King Harris “Hurt” By Waka Flocka Ignoring His Birthday Party Invitation!!

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T.I’s son King Harris says he is “hurt” after Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame did not respond to his invitation to attend his birthday celebrations.

The 18 year old hopped on social media to rant about his hurt feelings.

“It’s one mutherf-cker that I’m hurt about, man. This sh-t done hurt me, man. But it’s alright, man. I know how sh-t be, man. Waka Flocka, man, I reached out to Waka Flocka. He done left me on seen, that’s [wild]. But sh-t, man, maybe one day.”

Waka Flocka is almost two decades older than King.

“Maybe one day. Me and Waka come from the same side too so that sh-t crazy,” he added.

Viewers sounded off in the comments section.

“Same side of what? You wanna claim a street so bad,” one viewer wrote.

“You finna be 19 years old he’s a grown ass man what can he possibly celebrate with you,” another wrote.

A third viewer added, “Baby boy you still drinking similac… he got better things to do. Wanna be hood so bad when you came from the suburbs.”

Was Waka wrong to leave him on “read”?

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