Kim Zolciak: Ex-NFL Star Husband May Be Suffering From a Traumatic Brain Injury

Tiffany Brockworth |

New details are coming out, surrounding the split – and eventual reunion – of Kim Zolciak and her husband Kory Biermann. Media Take Out learned that Kim told police that she believes that Kroy, a former NFL player, may suffer from traumatic brain injury.

Kim and Kroy filed to divorce each other last May, under VERY messy circumstances. Kim alleged abuse, and Kroy alleged that Kim has a gambling addiction.

But as Media Take Out reported, the two are back together and are deciding to give their marriage another shot. But before the reconciliation, the couple were constantly calling the cops on each other and slinging hurtful accusations.

In body cam footage recently released, Kim detailed her latest fear to police, Media Take Out has learned.

Kim told police officers, “He’s not the man I married,” suggesting that there may be some neurological changes in her husband.

While Kim might be genuinely fearful, or laying the groundwork for a future court case, it is a valid worry for women who marry athletes.

She is concerned Kroy may be suffering from some type of traumatic brain injury as a result of playing in the NFL – and concerned for her safety.

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