Kim Porter’s Alleged Friend: Diddy Forced Kim To ‘Lick Cassie’s Tampon’

Lyndon Abioye |

Kola Boof, an alleged former friend of the late Kim Porter is alleging that Diddy used to abuse Kim too…as video surfaced online of Diddy beating, dragging and kicking Cassie in a hotel hall.

Kola Boof, real name Naima Bint Harith in Omdurman, is a well known author, poet, and activist.

 “This DIDDY thing is not a surprise, but it makes me remember the horrible way he treated my friend… KIM PORTER and how I’ve always silently held him responsible for her young death. #RIP KIM. Diddy was a motherf***er. Ya’ll would not even BEGIN to believe the way he treated KIM PORTER — and (ironically) CASSIE back then allowed herself to be used to disrespect Kim in her own home,” ,” she wrote on X. 

Kola went on to allege that Cassie used to laugh at Kim as Diddy used her to play “racial games.” She claims Diddy would demean Kim about her skin color and ethnicity until Diddy started to treat Cassie the same way.

And she made an even more explosive claim. According to Kola, Diddy actually made Kim “lick” Cassie’s used tampon.

After watching the shocking video, fans are now waiting for Diddy to address the tape.

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