Kim Kardashian Slams “Unbearable” Sister Khloe

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Kim Kardashian called her sister, Khloe Kardashian, “unbearable” in the premiere of season 5 of the show.

The pair were selecting which beds on the private plane to sleep on when her mother, Kris Jenner, and her mother’s longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble, brought up Khloe.

 “I don’t care where I go,” said Kris

Kim added, “You guys wanted that second bed — the double bed.”

Corey then chimed in  “Yeah, that was supposed to be for Khloe,” which set Kim off.

“Khloé is unbearable these days,” said Kim. “And honestly, she’s just not feeling it. When you’re not feeling it, there’s nothing that can force you to come and have a good time. You will just be miserable — I’m not in the mood to deal [with her].”

Khloe explained that she wanted to stay behind because her sister Kourtney was at the very end of her pregnancy and she wanted to stay behind with her.

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