Kim Kardashian Shares Lengthy Statement On C-Murder’s Case

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Kim Kardashian hopped on Twitter to give an update on the Corey Miller (C-Murder) case.

The rapper has been imprisoned for 21 years but he has not stopped trying to get free.

“Louisiana recently enacted a new law that provides innocent people with the ability to raise a post-conviction claim of factual innocence,” Kim wrote. “Mr. Miller has raised such a claim and, like all of his prior post-conviction filings, has been denied relief without even so much as an evidentiary hearing. In light of the fact that the only witnesses have completely recanted their testimony, there is absolutely no remaining evidence against Mr. Miller. Corey Miller deserves a day in court to test the veracity of the recanted statements and to prove that he did not shoot Steve Thomas.”

Read the full statement below:

Back in March, C-Murder announced he had gone on a prison strike in protest of his arrest.

“Jan. 17, 2023, marked 21 years I Corey Miller have been in the Louisiana Penal system,” he captioned the post. “I have been fighting for my health and freedom against this wrongful conviction and simultaneously fighting for my constitutional rights that were stripped away and violated by the penal system of Louisiana. An appeal was filed late December of 2022 and the DA & Judge of Louisiana has 30 days from Feb. 7, 2023 to answer.”

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